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Around the World in 80 Games ( Pilot | TruTV ) category: directing narrative

Around the World in 80 Games baywatch christo dance wave jump footey volley stakes drone weed whacker pied And the answer is... back stage Hilton spin ice cream dance butts

Comedian Fortune Feimster sets out on a quest to win ALL of the world's weirdest game shows. First up: Passa Au Repassa in Brazil.

Shooting this pilot for TruTV in Brazil was an amazing experience. Fun story about the insanely great local crew: there was at least one instance of hearing “that’s impossible” and then fifteen minutes later hearing, “okay, we talked to the mayor. We got it figured out.”

If you want to see my secret Director’s Cut (added some jokes, trimmed some stuff, re-scored with a little more Jock Jams), send me an email. If you want to buy a slightly used TV show for your network, I might be able to put you in touch with some people. :)

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