Ryan Moulton

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Hello, I'm a comedy director & editor in Los Angeles. I love to make work that's joyful, funny and visually vibrant. I've got a knack for sketch comedy, musical comedy and making funny things exist. Check out my reel and let's commit to the bit!

Selected Editing Work:

Music Video Comedy

I'm Taking a Break From Facebook - Lewberger/The Try Guys - 1.3M views

Ants - Mike Lane

Pineapple - The Prank

Simon & Garfunkel & McCormic - Bombardier

Fingers to the Sky - The Zach & The Jess

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton - Epic Rap Battles of History - 103M views

Artists vs TMNT - Epic Rap Battles of History - 99M views

Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers- Epic Rap Battles of History - 71M views

Nice Peter vs EpicLLOYD 2- Epic Rap Battles of History - 18M views

Sketch Comedy

“FIND MY MOM” App Commercial - Ciao Comedy

Polyamory: The Game - Ciao Comedy

Black Friday Madness - Ciao Comedy

Is it Cake? …or is it butthole? - G4’s Attack of the Show

Too Many Weddings - CollegeHumor - 2.8M views

Every Dumb Start-Up Ever - CollegeHumor - 4M views

Standing up for Yourself as a Woman, but not too much - CollegeHumor - 1M views

When Your Friends See Your New Haircut - Funny or Die

Professor of Human Sexuality - MacMillan Genius Grant

Aspiring Podcaster - MacMillan Genius Grant

AI Ethicist - MacMillan Genius Grant

Amateur Dentist - MacMillan Genius Grant

Organic Chemist - MacMillan Genius Grant

Inventor of CarLashes - MacMillan Genius Grant

Video Artist - MacMillan Genius Grant

Marine Psychologist - MacMillan Genius Grant


CarMax Social Content - CarMax

The Big Cable Magician - T-Mobile

POV: Cable Bill Delivery - T-Mobile

Sketch Promo for Those Who Can’t - TruTV & Funny Or Die

Hot Dog Themed Wedding - Oscar Mayer & BuzzFeed

Kids Direct Our Holiday Video for Walmart - Walmart & BuzzFeed

Things I Still Do Because My Mom Made Me - Milk & BuzzFeed

Tips For First-Time Home Buyers - Rocket Mortgage & BuzzFeed

Long Form Content

The Haunting of Loey Lane - BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural - 12M views

America Vs. Smallpox - Puppet History - 2.2M views

Are you Scared of What Lives in the Woods? - Watcher - 1.9M views

The Demonic Possession of the Conjuring House - BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural - 15M views

The Demonic Curse of Annabelle the Doll - BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural - 15M views

The Hidden Secrets of Area 51 - BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural - 8M views

The Gettysburg Ghosts of Farnsworth House Inn - BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural - 4.3M views

The Spirits of Pythian Castle - BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural - 6.1M views


Weekends in Washington - Northwest Travel Channel

Long Form Narrative

Maybe Someday - Feature Film

Around the World in 80 Games - TruTV

Sizzle Reels

Puppet History Season 4 - Watcher