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Hi! Here's a bunch of stuff I've written. In addition to videos, I also write a new half-hour live stage sketch show every month with my UCB theatre sketch team BOMBARDIER. Come check us out every second wednesday of the month (feel free to reach out for comps ryanwmoulton at gmail dot com)

Porno Trial

At a hard-boiled civil malfeasance trial, a man has a peculiar vocal tic. Here are the official courtroom sketches and transcript. Starring John Milhiser, Kat Palardy, and Mark Schroeder. Written and animated by Ryan Moulton. Recorded at Forever Dog studios for Radio Shorts Podcast.

Josh's Viral Movie Trailer Marriage Proposal

Josh and Amanda are that couple. When Josh asked if I would help him with his MOVIE TRAILER PROPOSAL VIDEO I was like “Ummmm, YES”. I edited this together using a bunch of clips from their phones, and then he played it in front of a real movie screening with all their friends and parents and everyone there! Check out their love story! I love you guys! // This is a sketch! Andrew Stanton and Madison Lanesey and I had a fun afternoon together faking a relationship. Written/Directed/shot/edited by me. I love love!!

Found Footage Finders

"Found Footage Finders" - Because finding the found footage is only the beginning. The true horror comes later (post-production). I wrote/directed/shot/edited this video for my UCB theatre sketch team Bombardier's October 2015 show. It stars John Milhiser and Kat Palardy.

Baby-Shaped Tumor

You know those things that grow inside of you and suck the life out of you? Babies? Tumors? Tumor-shaped babies? Well, you've got one of them. Starring: Dan Aho & Jamie Petitto. Written, Directed, Shot and Edited by Ryan Moulton