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I Like Gru (A Despicable Song...) ( Attack of the Show! | G4 | Music Video ) category: directing

Yes there are minions in this. NO, it is NOT for children. Join us, my dear minions, in the wonderful world of Gru!

Watch the original video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aekx…

Starring Kassem G & Case Blackwell
Featuring Kendelle Lyn, Christian Ordonez, Stephanie Sandmeier

Written by Case Blackwell

Directed by Ryan Moulton
Edited by Garrett Johnson
Cinematography by Nicholas Tosti

Music Production by Scott Charles Findley

Production Coordinator Beth Scorzato
Art Director Jeremy Wojchihosky
AOTS Production Assistant Stephanie Sandmeier

Showrunner/Executive Producer Mike Shaw
Co-Executive Producer Andrew Zilch